As part of our strong commitment to protect the environment, Venis Projects has a short-term program that covers various energy efficiency and sustainable development activities.

Green seals

Using Venis Projects’ ceramic collections can help you to obtain these national and international certificates, from the most basic levels to the most stringent standards.

Forest is composed of over 95% recycled materials

Easy-to-maintain ceramic tiles that make it unnecessary to use aggressive chemicals and offer good energy performance.

Measures implemented in every stage of the production process to reduce the environmental impact.

Environmental certificates.

Quality and environmental declarations

Venis Projects has eco-labels and environmental certificates that demonstrate that we protect the environment.

Quality control to minimize impact: Life cycle assessment for each type of tile (Cradle to Grave).

Collections with recycled material.

Obtaining type I, type II and type III environmental labels.

Classifying Venis as zero waste

Calculating, reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint by obtaining the Ministry for the Ecological Transition’s Calculation, Reduction and Offset seal, etc.

ISO certificates.

See all > All of the certificates.

Measures implemented in the factory

Both in the production plant and in Venis Projects’ offices, we implement energy and water-saving measures.

Recycled and recyclable packaging (pallets & ink)

Steps to reduce energy consumption: self-supply, energy efficient lighting, daylighting and electric vehicles.

Water savings: Venis Projects has its own glaze treatment system and has replaced five wet floor tile cutting lines with dry cutting lines.

Emissions reduction: We have replaced all of the inks that are injected on glazing lines with inks that do not harm the environment.

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